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Lars Johan Eira 
9136 Vannareid
Phone +47 77749898
Fax. +47 77749890
Mobil: +47 90026479


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The seacamp is situated at Kvalvåg, 11 km from Skåningsbukt (the ferry landing). Located at the seaside, with exquisite scenery and peaceful
surroundings. View overlooking Hammrefjorden.An excellent place for those who want to spend a few days out on one of the islands. The greatest attraction is of course the sea and the fishing. Here you can get the big fishes and freezer is available for storage of the fish you catch. 
Mountain tours, ski trips, hunting and berry-picking in Aug. and Sept
OBS! New homepage: http://www.vannoysjocamping.info/english/
KveiteUerSteinbitTorskTo torsker
Deep-sea fishing
Freshwater fishing
Boat excursions (min. 5 people)
Beach outings
Mountain tours - with guides if desired
Ski trips (flood-lit tracks)

Fully-ecquipped cabins with road access, situated 12 meters from the seaside.
Boat rental
Sale of hunting and fishing licences Freezer in the cabins
Meals: We prepare whatever you like 

Sanitary accommodations with showers, lavatories and laundry facilities
Sale of kiosk items. Groceries and other articles can be ordered from the local market

70 km from Troms° 
By car: RV 863 from Troms° to Hansnes (l h.) 
Bus: Route 430 from Troms° to Hansnes (l h.) 
Ferry from Hansnes to Vann°ya. (40 min)



The winter is beautiful too. 
Vann°y sj°camp has a lot of enthusiastic guests. Some of them have put their pictures on the net. Take a look at:
Bj÷rns havsfiskesida with his story of the visit and a small gallery, and
Leif-Erik Elg's pictures.

Wim and Romano's (fishermen from Holland) page from 2003.


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OBS! New homepage: http://www.vannoysjocamping.info/english/